• Join us on August 12th for the grand opening of our community health hub in Oakland!
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  • Welcome
    The mission of Resilient Wellness is to heal multigenerational trauma advance holistic solutions through policy advocacy, service delivery and health innovation.
  • We are actively seeking people who are dedicated to building a new healthcare system to join our team. We have several positions available. Join us today!
  • In order to ensure access for the most vulnerable communities, we are developing a system of conventional medicine providers to fill in gaps of service.
  • 100 Million Healthier Lives is an unprecedented collaboration of change agents who are fundamentally transforming the way we think and act to improve health, wellbeing and equity.
  • We partner with holistic medicine practitioners to provide services to the community at large. Join our health movement!

Resilient Wellness: An Innovative Health Movement 

Our Guiding Goals and Principles

  1. Accessibility and Affordability

    The current health landscape providers for limited access to holistic medicine practices and systems. By providing alternatives to compensation, we are eliminating barriers to the access and utilization of healthcare services. 

  1. Higher Purpose

    The integration of mind and body medicine leads health consumers to the factual realization that health is developed and maintained with awareness of a higher reality. Providing health consumers with the resources necessary to “transcend” Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs is the first step towards true prevention. 

  1. Decolonization of Medical System

    The current conventional medical system was founded upon the backs of disenfranchised communities. By addressing the true limitations the current system has, we can develop community based solutions that are simple to implement with existing community resources. 

  1. Addressing Social Determinants of Health and Equity.

    To create an equitable and innovative health system we must begin to activitly dress the social determinants of health as well as their influences. By developing research and policy priorities that are homogenous to solving the plight of marginalized communities. 

  1. Self-Empowerment

    From our curriculum to service delivery model, we believe that self-empowerment is the true driving force of optimal wellness. We strive to provide individuals with a pathway to achieving self-empowerment. Our Health Commerce system was designed to create sustainable economic opportunity for our members.