Health Education

In addition to our advocacy and provider network, we also offer quality health education workshops that aim to provide individual with basic knowledge they can use to transform their health outcomes.

Resilient Wellness' innovative curriculum is rooted in 4 specific components:


Multigenerational Trauma

Multigenerational trauma is the foundation of multiple social ills and disparities. Understand the mechanisms behind multigenerational trauma and how to end the cycle. 

Technology, Social Media & Mental Health

With new technological advances daily, learn how technology and social media play a profound role in our cognitive functioning and overall health.

Nutrition and Mental Health

Nutrition and our daily food choices play an essential role in our mental health. Find out how your diet can support the improvement or decline of your mental health.

Meat Detox: Changing your Diet for the Better 

Meat production and consumption has many profound impacts on our environment, water system and body. Learn how to limit meat consumption for a health life and planet.

Healthy Gut

Gut health is linked to life long physical and mental health outcomes. Few may understand the microscopic universe within them. This workshop reveals ways in which to support health gut functioning for longevity.

Womb Wisdom

 Designed to walk women through their healing process, learn how the feminine force within is a power to be reckoned with once activated.

Healing for the 7 Energy Centers

Lean about the 7 energy centers of the body as well as their role in health and illness.