Resilience Based Strategy

Trauma Informed Curriculum


Our curriculum is designed to serve communities inflicted with high levels of multigenerational trauma. Traditional health education does not incorporate the lens of this experience during curriculum development. Leaving those who access the information unable to apply it to their everyday life.

Rooted in Experience

Rooted in Experience

Experience is a best practice. Our service providers share similar experiences with the populations we serve, allowing for deeper intimacy and consistency during their healing process.



Expansive Frameworks

Expansive Frameworks

We utilize the ecological model and political economy framework for all of our health education. Allowing participants to understand health education from a wholistic standpoint. 


Wholistic Education

Wholistic Education

Our education focuses on the Whole person. We understand that humans are multidimensional beings who need multifaceted solutions. Our teachings are built upon the 8 dimensions of wellness.

Health Education for Quality Improvement

Educational System

This series of curriculum is geared towards students, parents and staff in order to address trauma in the educational space as a multifaceted phenomena.

Social Service Organizations and Systems

Designed to address gaps in understanding regarding cultural differences in service need and prevention for upcoming increase in need for trauma related services.

Workplaces & Workforce Development

This series of educational workshops and seminars is designed to address the proliferation of trauma and poor health outcomes due to workplace environment dynamics and generalized workforce development training.

Health Systems

This series of workshops approaches trauma within the health system from the macro and micro levels. Our curriculum is designed for a range of improvement efforts. From direct service providers to management, our education series equips health systems and organizations with the tools necessary to implement quality improvement.