Systems Integration

Integrating Holistic, Allopathic and Community Care for Sustainability

To prepare for the necessary shift from primary methods of conventional medicine that have proven to be of increased effectiveness when in collaboration with holsitic medicine. 

Objectives for System Integration

Objective 1: Addressing Effectiveness of Holistic Health 

To truly provide patients with accurate information regarding the spectrum of techniques available. 

Objective 2:Promoting Collaboration for Health Commerce Utilization

Working with stakeholders to promote use of platform by constituents. 

Objective 3: Promoting Culturally Relevant Primary and Secondary Prevention Measures 

Addressing the need for services and programs that address the root cause of chronic illness amongst high prevalence groups. 

Objective 4: Addressing Cultural Significance in Mental Health Service Access and Development 


"Our stakeholders drive our scope of work. By working together to address shared goals, we move forward into a new paradigm for health care."