In order to have proper policies to address issues within mainstream healthcare and advance our holistic health agenda, we are heavily involved in public health policy development and advocacy.

With experience across a range of policy areas and issues, combined with our lived experience and strong record working side-by-side government, and community-based organizations, Resilient Wellness and its programs are effective, influential advocates for public health in local and state policy.

Building on this success, Resilient Wellness is now working to strengthen its role in policy implementation and evaluation. Working alongside strategic policy platforms such as BARHII and Trauma Transformed, Resilient Wellness addresses policy in areas such as obesity prevention, school based health and clinical practice reform.

In addition, Resilient Wellness tracks legislation, that impact the public’s health, and advances policy solutions that address the social determinants of health.



Objective 1: Trauma Informed Systems

In conjunction with San Francisco Department of Public Health, Resilient Wellness is a trainer under the new Trauma Informed Systems initiative. Providing employees of governmental departments with the training necessary to develop a city wide system of workers who are trauma informed and ending cycles of trauma in their respective positions.

Objective 2: Cultural Reproductive Care 

Infant mortality, Preterm birth and Post Partum Depression are at an all high time amongst marginalized populations. To combat this epidemic, we have a network of doulas and midwives that support expecting or new mothers with education and emotional support before and after their pregnancies. Through policy we work to advance the agenda of cultural reproductive health. Understanding that certain populations need certain forms of support and care.

Objective 3: Culturally Appropriate Mental Health Services 

There is a current crises occurring that entails over-diagnosis, misdiagnosis and under-diagnosis within marginalized communities. In order to ensure individuals have appropriate mental health services, we advocate for an increase of providers from these respective communities, promoting research that reinforces the need for culturally appropriate services and policies that address multigenerational trauma.

Objective 4: Integration of Holistic Remedies 

It is no mystery that there is a current epidemic surround the overuse and misuse of opiods and psychotropic drugs. We aim to advance policies that support the integration of natural remedies that will surely hinder the current crisis.