Health Services

In order to obtain a sustainable healthcare system that is built upon quality of service and community health,

we have developed an innovative health system that provides education on one end and praxis on the other end. 

Our members offer a wide range of services. Visit the service network to find a service provider for you or your organization today! 

Resilient Wellness' innovative curriculum is rooted in 4 specific components:

  1. Trauma Informed Curriculum

    Our curriculum is designed to serve communities inflicted with high levels of multigenerational trauma. Traditional health education does not incorporate the lens of this experience during curriculum development. Leaving those who access the information unable to apply it to their everyday life.

  1. Rooted in Experience vs. Experiment

    Experience is a best practice. Our service providers share similar experiences with the populations we serve, allowing for deeper intimacy and consistency during their healing process.

  1. Promoting Self-Healing

    Empowerment is a large portion of being healthy. We provide individuals with the services and education necessary to make wise health decisions and become their own healers.

  1. Wholistic Education

    Our education focuses on the Whole person. We understand that humans are multidimensional beings who need multifaceted solutions. Our teachings are built upon the 8 dimensions of wellness.

We utilize a number of Public Health and Social Emotional Frameworks for our health education: