Becoming a member of the Resilient Wellness platform means you also subscribe to our core goals and values. Being apart of a health movement and system that is innovative and equitable provides members with the ability to actualize higher forms of preservation and progress. Below are a few areas of membership that is always welcome to new participants. 

Service Members

Worker members are individuals and institutions that are members of the Resilient Wellness Coop and seek to provide services within the healers network. Worker Members are active voting members, with decision making power and access to member benefits. 

  1. Investment
    • Participate as a member in the health network cooperative
    • Engage in correspondence with Resilient Wellness team
    • Agree to bylaws
  2. Become a Service Member

    To register as a service provider, click here.

Investor Members 

Investor members are individuals and groups who contribute to the growth and development of Resilient Wellness. Contributions include funds, social capital and operational support.

  1. Investment
    • Invest in available programming for health equity.
    • Provide access to support to further efforts for increase in return.
    • Agree to terms and conditions.


  2. Become an Investor Member

    To become an investor member please complete the form below 


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Health Consumer Member

Consumer members are benefit corporations, organizations and institutions that have previously contracted with Resilient Wellness for health education and services. Consumers become members through a monthly payment or by continuous partnership. A consumer member must contract a sum total of $1,000 annually to become a member.

  1. Investment
    • Collaborate with Resilient Wellness for expansion of services
    • Invest in community health model through time, resource, etc
    • Partner for innovative capacity building 

Community Partner 

A community partner is an organization, coalition or enterprise that is designed to facilitate similar goals regarding our mission and vision. Partners work together with a common goal of increasing access and utilization of services. 

  1. Investment

    See our Community Partnership page for more details. 

  2. Become a Community Partner

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