Holistic Community Based Women’s Health

Eliminating Health Disparities through Community Action

Women living within marginalized communities, mainly African American and Hispanic mothers. experience an alarming prevalence of low-infant birth weights, pre-term births and high infant mortality rates. In addition, these factors carry cost burdens that have high social and capital loss upon the individual, community and health system.

In order to combat these disparities, primary and secondary prevention methods need to be combined with a community-based system of care. Previous and existing methods focus mainly on the relationship between mother and provider rather than a more holistic image, which includes built environment, institutions and community assets.





"By providing education and awareness of the factors that cause high birth disparities and the solutions to combat the disparities, we can move towards reintroducing a natural essence around birthing for women. "


Resilient Wellness has a multifaceted Maternal-Child Health system that functions as a warm hand off system at every stage of pregnancy and post partum care. We have a network of certified birth service providers who are trained to provide birth education, social support and deliver assistance.

Doula services and Midwifery have been proven to delivery the following:

  • Shorter labor
  • Reduction in epidural requests
  • Reduction of pre-term births
  • Reduction in oxytocin use

-Evidence based Birth