Addressing the Mental Health Crisis Head On

There is a mental health crisis underway in the United States. From the rising rates of substance abuse orders to explosions of community violence in historically disenfranchised communities, it is clear there needs to be a change in strategy to address the root causes of the mental health epidemic.
In addition to the growing crisis manifesting as a critical loss of human capital, the United States expenditure on mental health services continues to rise annually, posing a burden on the system and eventually causing budget cuts to other healthcare services that are just as important.In addition, the lack of integration of primary care and mental health care allows for the proliferation of chronic mental illness that in turn manifests as emergency room visits and the increased utilization of emergency psychiatric services. Causing an even larger burden on hospitals and staff.

Culturally Appropriate and Relevant Mental Health Services and Programs

Our programs and services address the diverse causes of mental health challenges. We feature a wide range of programs that addresses the barriers to access and utilization as well as the need for services that address the specific needs and experiences of the individual and marginalized communities as a whole.

Programs + Services

Mental Health Services

We feature a network of mental health specialists that are trauma informed, culturally appropriate and have experience working with a variety of specialized populations.

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Healthy Cannabis Use

We have monthly gatherings with onsite health services, cannabis education and SAFE access to organic products for certified cannabis patients.

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Substance Abuse Detox

We provide access to natural remedies to detox from substances and pharmaceuticals.

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Certification Programs

We have a certified peer counselor program for members of marginalized communities. The goal is to build a pipeline of peer counselors that will act as liaisons in their community to end stigma and increase wellness.


We provide health education on various topics related to mental health.

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We participate in advocacy and research to raise awareness on the pressing needs of marginalized communities. We serve on boards, attend council meetings and produce community based research that address what we want to see in our communities.