The History of Resilient Wellness

Resilient Wellness was established in 2014 by a group of health and public policy professionals. Resilient Wellness addresses the reality of multigenerational trauma in marginalized communities through direct service, health education and policy advocacy. We are the only organizations approaching the issue of multigenerational trauma through multiple facets. Our mission is to heal the impacts of multigenerational trauma by providing holistic health services, health education and policy advocacy.

We understand that mainstream healthcare and public health systems have limited understanding of the ways in which multigenerational trauma impacts the whole person and outer community. Resilient Wellness will provide access to affordable holistic health services, health education designed around the unique experiences of these communities and a platform to advocate for the disadvantaged.

Our Guiding Principles

Promoting community resilience and self-empowerment

From our curriculum to service delivery model, we believe that self-empowerment is the true driving force of optimal wellness. We strive to provide individuals with a pathway to achieving self-empowerment. Our Health Commerce system was designed to create a sustainable economic opportunity for our members.

Accessibility + Affordability

The current health landscape providers for limited access to holistic medicine practices and systems. By providing alternatives to compensation, we are eliminating barriers to the access and utilization of healthcare services.

Higher Purpose

The integration of mind and body medicine leads health consumers to the factual realization that health is developed and maintained with awareness of a higher reality. Providing health consumers with the resources necessary to “transcend” Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs is the first step towards true prevention.

Decolonization of Medical System

The current conventional medical system was founded upon the backs of disenfranchised communities. By addressing the true limitations the current system has, we can develop community based solutions that are simple to implement with existing community resources.

Resilient Wellness is growing at rapid speed! We need your help to continue to advance our mission.



Funds collected for Resilient Wellness will be used for health education, policy advocacy, service delivery and keep the organization going. A minimal amount will be used for administrative costs to continue to build up the organization so that we can continue to advance our mission.
If you have any trouble with the donation process, please contact us directly. The last thing we want is for a technical glitch to prevent you from helping transform community health!