We incorporate qualitative and quantitative data in order to assist systems in understanding how intergenerational trauma impacts productivity, cost expenditures and prevention efforts. Our team of data scientist provide in-depth analysis and reports in order to enhance quality improvement efforts.

Our uniques methods are designed to promote the following objectives:

Improving Preservation and Allocation of Resources

Our services are not only intended to reduce wasteful spending and improve cost savings, we also seek to  support our partners in increasing impact upon certain populations in order for the intended community to receive services and resources that address their specific needs.

Developing Ethical Data Science Products

There dozens of data science companies and in-house teams. We support our partners in developing data science products and dashboards to meet their needs. In addition, we support existing products and emerging projects in incorporating our integrative methods to enhance the quality of their data analysis.

Enhancing Skillsets for Quality Data Science

In addition to performing data analysis and developing data products for existing organizations and institutions, we train emerging and existing data scientists in our methods in order to promote ethical data product development and enhance the current methodology utilized by analysts.

Services Offered

Data Product/Dashboard Development

Supporting existing organizations, enterprises and institutions in developing in-house data science products, software and teams.

Training and Continuing Education

Providing existing data scientists in improving their understanding of integrative analytics and ways to improve their analytics skills while developing ethical data science products.

Data Science Services

Utilizing our own unique and vetted method, we provide integrative data science services in order to provide a holistic insight and recommendations for quality improvement for partners.

Areas of Focus

If you would like to be apart of our data analytics program, join our pilot, or learn more about our services, please contact us at info@resilientwellness.org