Resilient Wellness Health Marketplace is designed to support existing health providers, clinics and hospitals in obtaining the holistic health products necessary to support the populations they serve. We work with high quality vendors and proceeds go back into supporting our initiatives.

Usana provides high quality, pharmaceutical grade supplements for optimal functioning of various organ systems. They utilize a 3rd party quality testing partner and source ingredients from qualified manufacturers.

Secret Energy is a metaphysical plaftorm supplying advanced alchemical technologies and solutions for health including monoatomics, cymatics, orgone technologies and online courses to support individuals in integrating their mind, body and spirit.

Starwest Botanicals is a local supplier for medicinal herbs, organic essential oils and aromatherapy supplies.
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Mineral healing is an alternative medical technique in which crystals and other stones are used to cure ailments and protect against disease. The pizoelectric field of the body interacts with the pizoelectric field of the body to stabilize and clear blockages created by trauma and enhance healing outcomes.

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