Our Programs

In order to truly achieve health equity and fill in gaps in service for the most vulnerable communities, Resilient Wellness has developed innovative programs that work in collaboration with fellow organizations and government systems to ensure we are creating a coordinated system of care.

Health Services

The purpose of the Health Marketplace is to provide access to alternative health products and simultaneously provide organic, conflict free producers of products with the opportunity to offer their products to the community at large.See more. 

Health Marketplace

Resilient Wellness hosts a network of holistic and conventional service providers that provide affordable healthcare services. This is to ensure we are creating a coordinated method of prevention and treatment.See more. 

Quality Improvement

We approach trauma created by and within institutions from a quality improvement standpoint. We provide technical and analog approaches to addressing unseen impacts of trauma.

Health Education

Our health education is designed around the specific experiences of vulnerable and marginalized communities. We also offer innovative curriculum on subjects such from gut health to self-care.See more. 

Community Mental Health

Mental health and internal health are intimately connected. By providing culturally appropriate, community based and led programs and services we can begin to promote a deeper form of health and wellness that allows the individual to define health on their own terms and simultaneously reduce stigma. See more.

Health Commerce

This program features alternatives for accessing health services such as a time bank and Buybacks, an alternative currency and bartering system. It also contains the Health Debt program, which teaches individuals how to alleviate their health debt via statue of limitations and how to work with our program partners to eliminate health related debt.See more. 

Community Based Women’s Health

Centered upon the healing of women, this program includes a doula to midwife program, a holistic approach to treating reproductive issues and access to specialized health education.See more.

Community Nutrition

In coordination with program partners, this program is designed to eliminate barriers in access to healthy food. In addition, a curriculum centered around the socio-historical food choices and diet influences within marginalized communities is included.See more. 

Workplace Wellness

Health should be a focus for employers. Health dictates productivity which can dictate the success of a workplace. In addition, employees on average spend nearly half of their day at work. This program is designed to assess the health of a workplace, provide the tools necessary to asses the health of a workplace and implement strategies to ensure the health of a workplace is a first and foremost.

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